Hind Rishi is the one-stop destination that is working with the simple purpose of creating the genuineness among the people regarding the Ayurvedic products, while promoting both the prevention and cure. Overall, the attainment of the healthy mind, spirit, body, and senses with the power of Ayurveda is our objective.

From Hind Rishi, you can get the active process of making choices towards healthy living. The professionals always work with wholesome dedication and promise towards the attainment of the well-being of an individual.

The new generation of Ayurvedic supplements works for detoxifying the body while giving wellness to the entire family. The highest quality raw material that is processed with the science-based ingredient makes sure that the wide variety of wellness products will be fit for optimal health.

The professionals always consider manufacturing the products with the GMP facility while making sure the maintenance of the transparency in the entire work. Our company is now the manufacturer and supplier of some of the best quality Herbal and Ayurvedic products. The 100% pure and natural sources make sure that the products are all reliable and undergo a quality check by the laboratory facilities.

According to Ayurveda, every individual has a unique mix of the three-body principles that reflects mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Such principles are referred to as “doshas” that get classified as Vata (air + earth), Kapha (water + earth), and Pitta (fire + water). The primary focus of Hind Rishi is to always revolve around these three principles with a significant approach. “Setting the maintenance of the balance in the human body” by means of transparent, reliable and genuine products that work towards achieving that result.


The concepts of Ayurveda inspire us, and we strive to provide every household with good health and herbal wellness. We foster the creation of dynamic equilibrium of the absolute harmony between the human body and Ayurvedic healing.