A step towards healthy lifestyle and holistic well-being of mind and body

The story of Hind Rishi is based on a real-life incidence. As we often see that some events are so powerful that they change your belief and act as a life turning moment for you.
The founder of Hind Rishi, ‘Mr. Sunil Chawla’ always trusted in conventional medicines and its benefits, since his childhood and growing up years. But he started questioning his belief when he suffered from Jaundice severely (back in 1984) and was unable to recover with the help of these medicines.

Gradually, he started taking Ayurvedic treatment under his family’s guidance. The unwavering healing power of herbs resulted in miraculous positive changes in his mind and body. This rejuvenation made him curious to dig deeper into the Science of natural healing and its successive effects on the human body which conventional medicines cannot offer.

Consequently, he realized that there might be many more people like him who are unable to recover themselves and are seeking assistance in the promising direction, to heal deeper and faster. This further encouraged him to take a step ahead to help those people but it was impossible without a thorough research into Ayurvedic Science. For this, he visited various Ayurvedic doctors and pharmacies to scientifically test the benefits and uses of various herbs’ and their properties which can give birth to genuine and transparent Ayurvedic medicines. His wholesome motive was to promote the traditional Indian science of Ayurveda to society, which our ancestors always believed since ages. His deep research and sincere dedication brought Hind Rishi into existence.

This day, Hind Rishi is serving its customers with a vision to offer wellness in every home through its Ayurvedic healthcare and personal care products, to achieve excellence and set modern standards in the World of Ayurveda.

We are further looking forward to introducing more goods in Hind Rishi’s product list and also planning to spread our marketing wings nationwide.